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Unleashing the Power of Hybrid-Cloud Video Streaming

May 13, 2024 | By Jane Allan

Telecommunications providers around the globe are constantly seeking innovative solutions to meet the growing demands of their subscribers. In this blog, we delve into the transformative potential of hybrid-cloud content delivery architectures. Specifically, we will explore how new hybrid-cloud solution architectures from Velocix can reduce video streaming infrastructure costs and improve overall network efficiency, while addressing the unique scaling challenges faced by telecom service providers.

Harnessing Scalability and Flexibility

One of the key challenges faced by telecom providers is managing the constantly changing demands placed on their video streaming platforms. The massive viewership associated with live sports events, for example, creates temporary demand spikes for streaming capacity. Service providers have traditionally built out their on-premises streaming architecture to support this peak demand, but when the sporting event is over and demand subsides, operators are left with a substantial amount of infrastructure investment sitting idle and unused until the next event. Hybrid-cloud solutions offer a compelling alternative that enables providers to seamlessly scale their content delivery resources to correspond with fluctuations in demand. By leveraging the elasticity of the cloud, telecom providers can modulate their stream capacity over time to ensure uninterrupted streaming experiences for their subscribers, while simultaneously optimising resource utilisation.

Optimising Cost Efficiency

Cost management is another critical aspect of video streaming infrastructure for telecom providers. Given the fluctuating demands placed on traditional on-premises streaming architectures, infrastructure equipment is often underutilised while awaiting the next high viewership event. Since servers must stay running to await the next unpredictable demand spike, power and environmental costs, as well as operational and maintenance expenses remain roughly constant, despite servers not actively delivering content.

Hybrid-cloud architectures offer a more cost-effective alternative by enabling providers to dynamically spin-up and spin-down resources in alignment with demand. Cloud hosted solutions take advantage of pay-as-you-go pricing models, so expenses fall when demand drops. This allows service providers to optimise their infrastructure and operational spending without compromising their ability to deliver the high-quality streaming experience subscribers expect.

Empowering Intelligent Resource Management

Intelligent resource management is essential for maximising the benefits of hybrid-cloud architectures. By leveraging advanced analytics and business intelligence insights, telecom providers can gain deeper visibility into their streaming platforms' performance and usage patterns across cloud and on-premises deployments. This enables providers to proactively identify and address potential bottlenecks, optimise resource allocation, and enhance overall streaming performance. With intelligent resource management, providers can deliver seamless streaming experiences while minimising operational overhead.


On-demand webinar - Why Hybrid-cloud video streaming?
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Building Confidence Through Expertise

Transitioning to hybrid-cloud architectures requires expertise and confidence. Telecom providers must invest in training and skill development for their teams to effectively manage hybrid environments. Companies like Velocix can help operators build knowledge and capabilities in-house, enabling providers to navigate the complexities of hybrid-cloud infrastructure with ease and ensure seamless operations. Additionally, leveraging Velocix’s relationships with experienced cloud service providers can further enhance providers' confidence in adopting hybrid-cloud solutions.


Global telecommunications providers can leverage hybrid-cloud architectures to unlock new levels of scalability, flexibility, and cost efficiency from their video streaming infrastructure. With Velocix’s advanced technologies and expertise, providers can confidently embrace hybrid-cloud solutions and deliver superior streaming experiences to their subscribers, elevating customer satisfaction and loyalty.


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