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Elevating live sports streaming with Hybrid-cloud solutions

Jun 12, 2024 | By Jane Allan

With growing consumer demand for seamless live streaming, the content delivery technology powering these services is becoming increasingly sophisticated. This blog explores the transformation in live event streaming, where solutions like Velocix's hybrid-cloud content delivery network (CDN) solution play a crucial role. By enhancing the quality of service and viewer experience, such technologies ensure uninterrupted viewing experiences for audiences worldwide, meeting today's high expectations for accessibility and quality.

Addressing the challenges of live event video streaming

Live events present unique challenges for telecom providers, including managing unexpected surges in traffic, minimising latency, and ensuring consistent quality of service. Traditional CDN solutions often struggle to cope with the instantaneous scaling and performance requirements of live streaming, leading to buffering, delays, and poor viewing experiences for subscribers. Velocix’s Hybrid-cloud solution offers a powerful alternative, allowing providers to dynamically scale their CDN infrastructure to meet the demands of live events while optimising performance and reliability.

A hybrid-cloud approach can also provide higher availability as well as increased redundancy. It has the flexibility to scale up or down according to the business needs of the moment. This can be particularly relevant during highly popular live sports events like the Super Bowl, the Olympics, UEFA Champions League, FIFA and Cricket World Cups.

Enhancing Quality of Experience

Quality of experience (QoE) is paramount in live streaming, particularly for high-profile events such as sports matches and concerts. Velocix’s Hybrid-cloud CDN enables providers to deliver superior QoE by leveraging a combination of on-premises and cloud-based CDN resources. By intelligently routing traffic and dynamically adjusting caching strategies, providers can ensure ultra-low latency, high availability, and consistent streaming quality across diverse geographic regions. This results in a more engaging and immersive viewing experience for subscribers, driving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Maximising operational efficiency

Operational efficiency is critical for telecom providers seeking to optimise their live streaming infrastructure. Hybrid-cloud CDN solutions offer inherent advantages in terms of cost-effectiveness and resource utilisation. By leveraging cloud-based CDN resources during peak demand periods or during popular events, providers can minimise infrastructure costs while maintaining optimal performance and resiliency levels. Additionally, the scalability and flexibility of hybrid-cloud CDN architectures enable providers to adapt quickly to changing market conditions and subscriber preferences, ensuring continued competitiveness and profitability.


TELUS explains hybrid-cloud streaming strategy
Learn how Canada's second largest operator is migrating to Velocix's hybrid-cloud video streaming platform to lower delivery costs, improve scaling flexibility, and enhance the viewing experience.

Investing in future-proof solutions

As the live streaming market continues to evolve, telecom providers must invest in future-proof solutions that can scale and adapt to emerging trends and technologies. Velocix’s award winning Hybrid-cloud technology offers a robust and flexible foundation for supporting the next generation of live streaming services, including ultra-high-definition (UHD) video, immersive VR experiences, and interactive live events. By embracing hybrid-cloud CDN architectures, providers can position themselves at the forefront of innovation and capture new opportunities for growth and differentiation in the rapidly evolving live streaming landscape.


As streaming providers navigate the complexities and opportunities of live event delivery, the importance of scalable and reliable technology becomes increasingly clear. Hybrid-cloud solutions represent the future of live streaming, offering providers a powerful and flexible platform for delivering seamless, high-quality viewing experiences to their subscribers. With Velocix’s award-winning technology and expertise, providers can confidently embrace hybrid-cloud solutions that elevate their live sports streaming offerings, driving customer satisfaction, and loyalty in the competitive market landscape.

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