New Hybrid-cloud Origin introduces cloud flexibility and dynamic cost controls

NAB Show 2023 (Las Vegas) preview: West Hall, W2679 


Velocix will debut its new Hybrid-cloud Origin, which reduces the scale-out costs associated with video on demand (VOD) and network-based personalised video recording (nPVR) services, at the NAB Show 2023 in Las Vegas (West Hall, W2679).

By adding cloud-native streaming and storage capabilities to its carrier-grade origin server, Velocix enables video service providers to better manage scaling costs as capacity needs grow. Rising demand can be serviced more quickly and cost-effectively by balancing streaming and storage workloads across multiple deployment environments. 

With Hybrid-cloud Origin, on-premises servers provide peak cost efficiency, while cloud storage offers instantaneous capacity for traffic peaks and inexpensive archiving for deep content libraries. Intelligent management software migrates content between deployment environments to maximise performance and deliver savings that are not possible with pure cloud or on-premises platforms alone. 

Jim Brickmeier, CEO at Velocix, said: “With stream viewership continuing to rise, service operators want origin solutions that provide the flexibility of cloud-native deployment with a cost profile closer to that of on-premises technology. Velocix’s Hybrid-Cloud Origin offers a best-of-all-worlds approach by combining cloud and on-premises capabilities to deliver meaningful savings that drive higher service margins and improved business profitability over time.”

Velocix’s Hybrid-Cloud Origin is platform agnostic and can operate with one or more cloud providers. Common uses include nPVR and VOD applications. For live recording services like nPVR, Hybrid-cloud Origin uses a high-performance on-premises storage tier to host the most recent content recordings which have a high likelihood of being viewed by subscribers, while a low-cost cloud storage tier is employed to support deep libraries of older, less popular recordings. Content is automatically migrated between storage and delivery tiers to maximise efficiency. VOD applications for Hybrid-cloud Origin are similar, with the newest and most popular content stored on-premises, and older, less watched ‘long-tail’ content stored in the cloud to save cost. 

Velocix's carrier-grade content delivery software supports high-capacity live, on-demand, time-shifted video and cloud DVR applications, enabling video service providers to rapidly scale-out their premium multiscreen services using an open video network architecture. 

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