Velocix has introduced new mobile-optimised content delivery network (CDN) software that alleviates the common pain points wireless operators face when scaling out 5G video applications.

The company has revealed sophisticated multi-tier CDN delivery and inter-cache communications technology that can reduce traffic demands over mobile backhaul networks by as much as 30%.

The latest software is also compatible with multi-access edge computing (MEC) systems, allowing elastically scalable caches to be deployed closer to consumers, at the periphery of 5G radio access networks (RANs).

“5G video viewership is expected to surge 100-fold over the next few years, placing unprecedented scaling demands on wireless network operators,” said Jim Brickmeier, Chief Product and Marketing Officer at Velocix. “Our mobile-optimised CDN technology more efficiently routes and delivers video traffic over IP and wireless networks. This results in less network congestion, improved video quality, and a reduced need for costly infrastructure upgrades to support the rising tide of 5G viewing devices.”

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More information about Velocix’s mobile-optimised CDN technology is available in an application note titled ‘Maximising streaming efficiency for 5G video growth’, which can be downloaded at

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