MEC-compatible streaming framework lowers latency and boosts network efficiency

Velocix, the carrier-grade cloud TV software provider, will highlight its Edge-cloud CDN for 5G streaming applications at MWC 2023 Barcelona (Hall 3, EMR 3F12Ex).

Edge-cloud CDN MWC 2023

Velocix’s Edge-cloud video architecture locates CDN caches nearer to consumers’ 5G devices, and this results in lower streaming latency, faster start-up times and more reliable content delivery for viewers. Mobile operators also benefit from on-demand scaling which can overcome network congestion and capacity constraints. 

The Edge-cloud CDN maximises stream performance using a Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC) framework and mobile-optimised request routing software that intelligently coordinates CDN resources to ensure peak network efficiency. 

Jim Brickmeier, CEO at Velocix, said: “Our 5G optimised CDN routing logic and
MEC-compatible containerised video caches enable mobile operators to elevate the streaming experience for their consumers. This is especially advantageous with premium live sports content, where ultra-low latency and the highest level of resiliency are most critical.” 

Velocix's carrier-grade content delivery solutions support high-capacity live, on-demand, time-shifted video and cloud DVR applications, enabling fixed and mobile operators to rapidly scale-out premium video services using a combination of cloud and on-premises software.