Technology delivers greener, more efficient streaming with enhanced viewing

Velocix, the carrier-grade cloud TV software provider, will showcase its latest hybrid-cloud video streaming and multi-CDN switching technology at ANGA COM 2024 (Hall 7, C19), which enables video service providers to achieve greener, more efficient content delivery plus enhanced viewing.

Hybrid cloud-1

Based on its Hybrid-cloud Origin and Hybrid-cloud CDN software, Velocix’s hybrid-cloud streaming platform enables video service providers to combine the strengths of cloud and on-premises streaming models, and gain complete deployment flexibility across private, public, and edge-cloud frameworks.

On-premises caches provide peak streaming cost efficiency, while cloud caching offers elasticity for rapid service scale-outs and managing unpredictable traffic spikes. Additionally, the platform provides more cost-effective long-term storage for less popular VOD and nPVR content.

Velocix’s CDN Broker provides an alternative approach to optimising streaming efficiency for video service providers with multiple public and private CDNs. This multi-CDN switching software enables automatic and dynamic selection of the best fit CDNs for delivering specific content to specific regions.

By using the CDN Broker control plane, operators can intelligently route video streams to safeguard stream quality, reduce delivery expenses, improve flexibility, and maximise business returns.

Jim Brickmeier, CEO at Velocix, said: “Transformational technologies like Velocix's hybrid-cloud and multi-CDN streaming solutions, which are designed to cut content delivery costs, boost service agility, and elevate energy efficiency, are mission-critical tools for video service operators interested in strengthening overall business results."