New capability elevates user experience with live sports streaming

Velocix, the carrier-grade cloud TV software provider, will showcase its latest hybrid-cloud streaming platform with ultra-low latency at NABSHOW 2024 (booth W3516), which enables video service providers to optimise the delivery of live, VOD and time-shifted content.

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By harnessing the strengths of cloud and on-premises streaming models, Velocix’s hybrid-cloud streaming platform can provide greener, more efficient video delivery while simultaneously elevating the viewing experience.

Based on its Hybrid-cloud Origin and Hybrid-cloud CDN software, the architecture uses on-premises caches for peak streaming cost efficiency, while cloud caching offers elasticity for rapid service scale-outs and managing unpredictable traffic spikes that are common with live sports and news. Additionally, the platform provides more cost-effective long-term storage for less popular VOD and nPVR content.

With this cloud-native and cloud platform agnostic architecture, video service providers can choose the most suitable deployment environments for their services, with complete flexibility across private, public, and edge-cloud frameworks.

The latest ultra-low latency upgrade for the platform provides additional support for LL-DASH, and this further strengthens live sports viewing, especially in second screen configurations.

Jim Brickmeier, CEO at Velocix, said: “With the latest advancements on our hybrid-cloud streaming platform, video service providers can enhance the streaming experience for their subscribers on every device, while simultaneously lowering their content delivery costs and improving operational flexibility. This transformational technology represents a key opportunity for our customers to strengthen their competitiveness and improve their overall business results.”

In addition to its Hybrid-cloud Origin and CDN, Velocix will also highlight its Edge-cloud CDN, multi-CDN switching, and video analytics solutions at the NABSHOW exhibition.