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The Impact of Reliability on Video Subscriber Growth

By Jim Brickmeier on Sun, Jul 14, '19

Video service providers continue to face growing competition from online subscription VOD services like Netflix, Amazon, and now Apple, who are spending billions of dollars on original content with the goal of luring consumers away from traditional Pay TV.  Service providers, unlikely to make the same investments in content creation, are left to ask themselves how they are going to defend their dominant market position and not only protect their subscriber counts, but grow them.  Beyond launching new multi-screen services, adding more content, and refining bundled pricing models, there is a simpler way for operators to bolster subscriber counts – improving stream quality and reliability.  Stream quality, including quality of service (QoS) and quality of experience (QoE)is one of the top reasons why consumers sign up for and stick with their Pay TV services.  On the other hand, when quality suffers, subscriber defection is swift and consumers that cancel their TV service because of quality issues are unlikely to return soon.    

Topics: CDN Reliability
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