Velocix sets a Cloud DVR fault-tolerance benchmark with new carrier-grade, geo-redundancy features

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Latest Origin release assures business continuity for live and time-shifted video.

Velocix today announced it has released new carrier-grade, geo-redundancy features for its Origin server software to boost the fault tolerance and reliability of Cloud DVR, live, and on-demand video streaming services.

The company’s Origin geo-redundancy features ensure full operational capacity is maintained in the event of a catastrophic network failure, power outage, or other fault condition that might otherwise interrupt consumer facing video services or negatively impact revenue generation.

Craig Sinasac, Vice President Development and Technology at Velocix, said: “We’ve seen a lot of interest from service providers, especially telcos, in strengthening their disaster recovery and business continuity plans. Improving the robustness of our origin server’s geo-redundancy capabilities ensures that time critical activities, like live content acquisition and delivery, remain unaffected by a major outage in a specific geographical area. With our latest release, we have set a new benchmark for resiliency and fault tolerance, delivering a solution that meets our customers’ stringent standards.”

In addition to geo-redundancy, Velocix’s origin server release introduces flexibility and scalability enhancements, as well as support for high dynamic range (HDR10), 4K/UHD, and Dolby Atmos content. The latest origin server release, version 6.0, is available now.

Velocix’s range of carrier-grade content delivery solutions enable operators to scale-out capacity and boost the monetisation of premium, multi-screen video applications.


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